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Enhance the visual allure of your landscape with the versatile hardscaping services offered by Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC. Our skilled team specializes in a wide array of hardscape features, ranging from meticulously crafted retaining walls using Versa-lok to the creation of inviting paver patios, fireplaces, and outdoor living spaces. We are your go-to source for full-service hardscaping.

Unsure about which hardscaping services will make your yard shine?

Consult with our knowledgeable hardscaping contractors in Beaver Falls and surrounding areas. Transform your landscape into a masterpiece of functionality and style with our top-notch hardscaping expertise. At Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC, we understand that the possibilities are unlimited, and we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive hardscaping solutions tailored to your unique project.

Unlock the potential of your landscape

A well-designed walkway can seamlessly guide visitors through a blooming flower garden, while a carefully crafted patio becomes an additional living area for relaxation and entertainment. Extend your living space with our expertly designed concrete and pool siding solutions, or how about an entertaining outdoor kitchen? Escape the confines of indoor cooking and embrace the trend of outdoor kitchen installations.

Retaining walls

Stonework and retaining walls are crucial in preventing soil erosion, showcasing the dual functionality of our hardscaping services. Whether your property requires the support of terraced walls or the visual appeal of decorative stone, our skilled team ensures that each retaining wall is crafted with precision and durability, sometimes starting with our site prep work, like grading and proper drainage solutions.

Concrete and paver patios

Whether you prefer the sleek versatility of concrete surfaces or the charming aesthetics of pavers, outdoor hardscapes not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also serve as an extension of your home or business.

New Retaining wall with staircase

Bulk stone and gravel delivery: Convenience at your doorstep

In addition to our expertly crafted hardscaping features, Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC offers the convenience of bulk delivery for stone and gravel. Our extensive range of bulk aggregates allows you to easily enhance your landscape. From creating alluring rock gardens to fortifying pathways, our bulk stone and gravel delivery service ensures that quality materials are delivered to your doorstep.

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