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When you envision a clear and open space for your project, Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC is the only company to call. Our dedicated team removes trees, boulders, and obstructions and provides services for your dirt work and construction needs. With the right equipment, expertise, and a commitment to precision and excellence, we transform landscapes.

Benefits of land clearing

Discover the numerous benefits of land clearing with Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC. Our heavy-duty excavators create open spaces, promote healthy tree and plant growth, reduce the risk of fire outbreaks, and minimize pest populations. One of the primary benefits of land clearing is preparing the land for construction projects providing a clean slate for building homes, structures, or infrastructure. When trees stand in the way of your new home, patio, or deck, our land clearing services provide the necessary solution.

Tree and obstruction removal

Experience a transformed landscape as our skilled team removes trees, brush, boulders, and any natural obstructions. From clearing slopes and sides of roads to preparing land for construction or landscaping, we set the stage for your project's success. Light demolition services are also available to cater to your specific requirements.

Brush hogging

We are your go-to source for brush hogging services in Cranberry Township, Wexford, Evans City, Clinton, and Beaver Falls, PA. Whether you have trees encroaching on your driveway or a vast forest requiring attention, our crew utilizes advanced brush hogs and mowers to efficiently clear grass, vines, weeds, and bushes, providing you with a clean and well-maintained property. 

Commercial property owners rely on our services when vegetation is causing limitations. For example, your sprawling commercial lot is overwhelmed by thick vegetation, hindering visibility and access. We can quickly transform your lot so customers can see you and want to visit.

Trees being cleared from plot of land

Dirtwork and construction

Land clearing is an integral part of our dirt work services, including excavation and site preparation. Whether you're planning a new home, commercial building, or outdoor structure, our expert team utilizes heavy-duty equipment and precise techniques to clear your property successfully.

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