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Welcome to Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC, your premier partner in site preparation for outdoor projects. Count on our expert team to provide thorough site prep services, ensuring a smooth and successful project. Whether you're planning a landscape transformation, road installation, or construction preparation, our experienced and dedicated team is ready to bring the crew to your site.

Comprehensive site prep

From land clearing and digging trenches to installing gravel roads and beyond, our site prep services cover a wide spectrum of needs. We tailor our approach to your project requirements, delivering a comprehensive solution.

Landscape grading, sloping, and erosion control

Our team tackles your outdoor space precisely through expert grading and sloping, adding contour and structure for a solid foundation. Dedicated erosion control is put in place, preventing soil erosion and maintaining stability. Your landscape's integrity counts on an excavating company with the expertise to do it right the first time.

Trenching and septic solutions

Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC offers precise trenching for utilities and drainage. For properties requiring septic systems, we specialize in digging septic holes and preparing for tank installation, guaranteeing efficient below-ground infrastructure. Trust us for streamlined excavation services that elevate both form and function.

Roads and driveways

Need roads or thruways on your property? Our team is adept at digging roads, installing gravel roads, and ensuring your pathways are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Areas for foundations dug in the dirt

Why rely on Miller Contracting and Excavating, LLC?

When you’re ready to kickstart your outdoor project, choose Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC, for site prep services that set the stage for success.

Attention to detail

Site preparation is more than just digging and grading; it's about meticulous attention to detail. Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC takes pride in our precision and commitment to ensuring every aspect of site prep is executed with excellence.

Experience and expertise

With years of experience in site preparation, our seasoned team understands the intricacies of outdoor construction and landscaping, ensuring your site prep is in capable hands.

Hauling services for aggregates

Miller Contracting and Excavation, LLC provides efficient hauling services for aggregates and stone, ensuring timely and reliable delivery for your construction and landscaping needs.

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